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Live Server Status

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Below is the status of the servers we are currently using to host our clients web sites. We choose our datacentres and servers very carefully based upon their history to ensure our customers receive the a reliable service.

Please be aware that from time to time we have to bring the servers down to perform planned upgrades and maintenance. This is carefully planned to ensure the minimal disruption to service.

Click here to check server status again. Please note these are only indications of availability and may not be accurate. Find out how to get more detailed monitoring of your web site.
Red - Down, Yellow - Warning, Green - Up

London (City) Maidenhead Germany U.S.(Pennsylvania)
Standard Plans 10, 20 Standard Plans A, B, C, D, E Standard Plans 510 Backup Plans A, B, C, D, E, 10, 20, 510
FTPUp FTPWarning FTPWarning FTPWarning
POP3Up POP3Warning POP3Up