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Mobile Site Design

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Why Mobile?

Mobile internet sites allow companies to extend their brands, disseminate information and interact with customers. Large and small enterprises alike require interaction with customers through the most ubiquitous and personal channel - the mobile phone. In today's world of hundreds of different handsets, networks and configurations, our expertise is critical to providing widespread compatibility and user-friendly experiences.

Be one of the first in your industry to define a mobile presence. Whether you offer information or collect data via the mobile phone we have a solution for you.

What is WAP?

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, the global standard for the presentation and delivery of wireless information on mobile phones. Mobile Internet sites, or WAP sites, are sites specifically to be accessed via the WAP browser on the mobile phone. The vast majority of phones in the market today support WAP browsing, and sites created by us are automatically formatted to look great on all of them.

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Our Mobile Site

Design : Web Design : Mobile Sites : Microsoft Windows : Process Control : Print

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