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Understanding Needs

Our success comes from our approach, we use an interactive process in which we analyse the customer requirements and then design, build, test and deploy a solution to fulfil them.

If requirements necessitate further investigation, Software Services work closely with the client to document the project scope and vision: user classes are identified and business requirements are defined, elicited, structured, validated and documented. A user requirement specification is the result of this process.


Based on the user requirements specification, a prototype may be developed. During design sessions, we work closely with users and managers of the application to refine the end product. This is an interactive process and several design sessions may be required before the design is finalised. Customers tell us they find these sessions incredibly useful.


The system is built according to the customer requirements following as a minimum our in-house software standards. Functionality is added to the front-end through lower level code and object-oriented techniques. Regular progress meetings between Software Services and the customer are encouraged to track the progress of the project and to discuss any potential queries that may arise. The customer requirement is updated to include implementation techniques used.

In the latter stages of the build phase the solution is tested. We may produce test scripts, which are developed from the customer requirements. This ensures that both the software functionality and the technical documentation are accurate. During testing, the project is tested against the customer requirements and any anomalies are passed to the development team for resolution and re-tested. Finally, the solution is passed to the customer for user testing.


The basis of any successful deployment is planning. Our implementation service follows a well-defined approach, focusing on rapid deployment and quantifiable deliverables, but not to the exclusion of quality. We work with our client to identify the logical steps necessary to deploy the system to all users. When we are certain the technical and user environment is ready for deployment, if required we are on-site to ensure a problem-free installation. This on-site presence allows users, IT staff and managers to ask questions and to obtain help on use of the system. If necessary, any minor problems are fixed on-site.

We include a one year warranty period as standard. Any 'bugs' notified are fixed without question.

About Us : Solutions : Consultancy : Outsourcing To Us : Press

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