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At Software Services our core business is writing software for the internet, Microsoft Windows and process control applications and bringing all three together. Many companies already outsource their software development to Software Services. We allow your company to increase it's offering to the customer. We quite often say to our customers "If you've seen it anywhere on the internet, we can do it for you too", you can now make the same claim to your customers.

Many UK based companies are realising that outsourcing their software development to countries such as India, China, etc is cheaper on the face of it, but the true cost is much higher than first anticipated. Quite often the actual cost can work out much higher than using a UK based company for the same service. These overseas services have their place in the market, but many companies are switching software development back to the UK because UK software developers understand the market here.

We are based in the UK, speak your language as our first and are used to working in this enviroment. We are at the end of the telephone if there are any questions, we are in the same time zone and can even come and work in your office or on site for you as part of your company. Using our wide ranging skill set we do our best to offer the complete package to our customers or yours.

Give us a call to find out how we can help your company offer more.

About Us : Solutions : Consultancy : Outsourcing To Us : Press

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